September 26, 2009

Fat Chics Need Clothes Too

Plus sized clothing sucks.  Not just because it's plus sized, but because all plus sized clothing manufactures and designers think women who need that size are amazons.  I see lots of women who are under 5'4" who shop in the BBW area of clothing stores but all of the pants, blouses, pajamas and dresses are made for large and tall women.  Don't they realize that there are some big squatty bodies out there?   If skinny chics can have a petite category then fat chics should have one too.  How about a plumply petite size? 

The other problem with plus sized clothing is that it is usually trendy or geared for young women.  I don't mind having a few trendy items in my wardrobe but if I want something timely and classic my only choice is a pair of jeans or pants or a dressy suit.  Newsflash to plus sized designers, I don't want to wear huge bright flowers on my blouses nor do I want street scenes from Paris or any other crappy graphics, save that for the fat juniors.

My other clothing pet peeve is cap-style sleeves.  Most large women also have large arms and,  while I'll say "more power to ya!" if you are one of those women who doesn't mind showing off your flabby upper arms, I think large women should be wearing either three-quarter-inch or long sleeves (at least in public).  There is nothing less appealing on a big girl than that flab just above the elbow.  And to let you know I'm not a sexist, I think it looks bad on men too.  And please make clothing out of material that doesn't cling to my body.  Fat rolls are not a pretty sight and while I know we shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies we also don't need to flaunt the fat.  I like that phrase "flaunt the fat", I should make some t-shirts.

Now, don't get all bent out of shape for my use of the word fat.  I'm fat, and if you wear the same size or larger clothing than I do then you're fat too.  We need to stop shying away from words, but that is another topic.

I recall my mother and her girdles.  There is a new product out for fat chics that mimic our mothers girdles but is supposed to be more comfortable.  I'm sorry, anything that binds your boobs and stomach can't be comfortable and probably isn't good for your health.  Remember when Scarlett has Mammy tie her girdle so tight that she can't eat?  Not happening in my lifetime.  The new term for girdles is "body-shapers" and one product is called "Spanx".  The weird thing is that skinny girls are flocking to Spanx like a sub to a dominatrix.  Heaven forbid if one ounce of fat can be pinched under that little black dress.  Apparently, getting the thing off so you can use the toilet is quite a trick.  Suffer skinny bitches.

I like comfort but I draw the line at muumuus.  My mother wore muumuus or something like that for awhile.  I refuse to wear a dress that makes me look like a tent.  She also wore stretch pants that looked like stretch pants (the kind with the permanent pleat) and blouses made of some kind of awful material.  Ah, those were the days.

Okay clothing stores and clothing designers, get busy and let us fat women wear your clothes proudly.  And don't forget the little people.


  1. I hear ya! Well, just a fyi there are some cute petite plus size clothes at Target and now at Forever 21. They just came out with new lines.

    Also here's:

    that should give you some new "window shopping".


  2. "Suffer skinny bitches"!!

    My bff has complained about this our entire friendship (some 30+ years now). My mom suffers from this same delima BIG TIME because she is only 5'-1/2" tall and weighs 208. We are forever hemming things for her, so she recently decided to start buying capris. Except on her they are actually full length pants. lol!!

    I hope the designer Gods hear your plea.

  3. Susan Silsby Kilmer8:10 PM

    Bra designers assume that all fat chicks have huge boobs! Give me a 40B and I can die happy!


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