February 4, 2010

Weather Or Not

Oh my aching head.  Why oh why did I have that last shot of bourbon?  It must be the weather.
It is now February and the weather has been rotten.  Last week we had five inches of snow and the darned stuff just won't melt, making a muddy slushy mess of my driveway.  
I used to love snow.  Now all I think about when it snows is "how in the heck am I going to get to work?" or "how long is this crap gonna last?".  The hills in my area make driving treacherous, especially for someone like me who has landed in the ditch way too many times.  I am the driver people need to watch out for in bad weather.
When I was younger and lived in Oklahoma I drove in the snow and ice all of the time and only bumped someone once at a stop light.  Of course, there are no real hills in Oklahoma City so the driving was relatively easy.  Not so in Northwest Arkansas.  I know the Ozark Mountains aren't anything compared to say the Rockies, but they are steep enough to cause trouble when the ice and snow come pouring out of the sky.
Today it is raining and will continue to do so into the night which will probably then freeze and make my morning commute a joy.
Is it spring yet?

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