July 7, 2011

Achy Breaky Bones

I see that I have posted NOTHING since February! Could it be that I am SO LAZY that I can't even take a moment to keep you posted on my uneventful life?

Too much has happened to get completely caught up but I will tell you of the major occurrence that happened to my good friends Matt and Sheila which affected us all. While carrying a bucket of water (I call it "slops" because it is the water from when they wash dishes and includes vegetable trimmings) down the stairs to their greenhouse, Sheila proceeded to lose her footing and land on the brick floor breaking her ulna (a bone in the arm below the elbow) and patella (kneecap).

NEWS FLASH: It is raining for the first time in weeks!

Back to my story...

Matthew was on the roof at the time of the accident so Sheila lay there thinking "oh, I'm sure I'm just badly bruised and there is no need to bother Matt." and "Matt is gonna be so mad at me!" After about 10 long excruciating minutes she let out a little scream of "Help" and Matt came to her rescue and eased her back into the house. Sheila had surgery that evening (six hours of surgery) and was home four days later with a wheelchair and her left arm and leg in casts with her leg sticking straight out in front of her. The poor woman could not access the bathroom and had to have one of those porta-potty contraptions and wash her hair with water in two bowls on a card table. Oh, and did I happen to mention that it happened only days before her birthday? Talk about depressing!

This happened at the end of April and after a few weeks of physical therapy she is now walking without the aid of a cane, albeit rather slower than normal. I guess when you're a healthy woman in your early sixties you heal pretty fast. She was such a little trooper! I would have been a bitchy, demanding pain in the ass and would still be hobbling around with some kind of support. I suppose Matthew handled it as best as he could but he will never be a good nurse. I think Sheila was right, the whole incident pissed him off big time.  If I ever break a bone I'll be stuck in a nursing home until I heal so I'd best be extra careful.

Lesson learned? Stand up straight, walk with purpose and... watch your step.