April 5, 2007

Belly Men

Why is it okay for men to wear jeans with a belt with their shirts tucked in and their big bellies hanging over their belts? If I were to dress like that people would look at me and point and laugh (or vomit). I know that people should feel comfortable in their skin but why the double standard? It's the same standard that makes it okay for guys with huge bellies go shirtless in the summer yet fat women are supposed to hide under tent dresses.

I am no skinny girl and feel self conscience in something sleeveless when it's hot but by gawd this year things are gonna change. I am going to let it all hang out and piss on those who think it's disgusting. I'm gonna get form fitting sleeveless dresses and wear them proudly. NOT! But I am going to be cool and comfy this summer and try not to let the stares of others stop me. After all I'm cool, collected and confident and that will always shine through.